Hello Ninjas! I really want to dive in more with YouTube. Normally I would post some videos of my streams or monthly clips to YT, but now I really want to start with branching out with it. First thing is first, is make a schedule. I will be putting out videos every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 1st of the month. Tuesday & Thursdays will be any play through videos that I will be making. As of right now, I am uploading my Detroit: Become Human play through on these days. On Fridays, this will be the day where I record a video on What Character are you quiz. On the first of every month I will take my most popular clips and add a montage video called Pokket Clips. If you have any ideas of what kinds of videos I should make let me know. I am open for all ideas. If you enjoy my YouTube content and want to support me there you can subscribe HERE-------> (Also here is my latest video)


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