It's December! Have you started decorating for Christmas? Are you in the HOliday spirit? Thank you guys for all the support last month

Here is the list of Top Ninjas for November:

Gifted subs:

1st- Caylor29

2nd- Warmaster236

3rd: solo_feed_only


1st- Cups

2nd - DatTacoGuy

3rd - Darwin50


1st - Dragonman83

2nd - Darwin50

3rd - Killersquirl

You guys will receive a VIP badge, ninjastars, and a free Sloots chest. Which collection would you like? You can now start redeeming the Christmas Streamloots cards today! This month I won't be putting up ninjastars, but lil Christmas trees for all subs. Sub today to get a Xmas tree added to my wall.

7 Days to Die

The 7 Days to Die Server password will be reset today. The password will be in the server channel in Discord.

December Patreon Rewards

This month I will be cosplaying as my Christmas Elf! You can pledge for just $1 to receive behind the scenes!


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