So, You Want a Glyph?

After a very long wait, the PokketNinja glyph is finally here. If you don't know what a glyph is, they're pin-table style icons that can be placed on surfaces during missions. Which will display a pre-selected image and they can also be used as player icons. So, now that you know what a glyph is, you probably want to know how to get one exactly.



If you subscribe to Pokket's twitch you'll get your very own glyph! After you subscribe, go to our Discord and find a channel called 'Glyph'. You will have to put your Twitch username, gaming platform, and your Warframe username as well. After you do this you'll get 24 HOUR ACCESS to a Glyph code. This is one of the fastest ways you can receive a glyph for Warframe.


If you're around while Pokket is streaming Warframe on Twitch, she might do a giveaway. Usually, she does multiple at a time and if you win you'll get the glyph instantly. Although it does take a very lucky person to be able to win the giveaway, maybe that lucky person might be you. So if you're around for any Glyph giveaways it could be your chance to receive one. 



Ninjastars are a currency in PokketNinja's stream. If you're able to gain up to 30K Ninjastars you'll be able to redeem a Glyph. This may not be the fastest way of getting one, yet it is one of many ways to receive a Glyph. Yet if you do it this way you'll receive the Glyph instantly from the 'purchase'.

4. Request the Glyph

Requesting for the Glyph, you'll be able to get the it in FIVE DAYS. In order to get the glyph, you will have to sign up using your Twitch name, email, and Warframe in game name, and platform. Once you submit your request, you will be sent an email of the glyph code in FIVE DAYS, so make sure you enter your email address correctly otherwise you won't get the glyph! You cannot put in multiple entries to get more than one glyph. You are aloud to have the glyph on each platform though.





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