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Have you been wanting to support PokketNinja but could never really do that due to you not being able to spend much money? Don't worry about it though, we still appreciate you if you can't. Though there's another way you can give her money and support her by that! By working on certain quests you'll be able to earn points, which could be used to gift a sub or take down the bit boss. The only thing that YOU have to do is play mobile games! Isn't that fun?

There's also a thing called a Top Fan, which is basically a fan who has the most free tip events in a channel, and the channels compete for the leader-board! Leader-boards will reset weekly on Sundays at midnight PST. You can even receive up to a hundred dollars or twenty bucks! Doesn't that sound even great?

Hold up everyone, there's even more!

Fans can finally give their unspent sub points to the streamer! The streamer can see a list of all Sub Points gifted, and use the gifted sub points to give away subs as they wish! An alert goes off any time someone gifts more than 1000 points (be sure to visit your portal to configure it), High scores are now present on some offers, with weekly Competitive Quests, allowing fans to win steam gift cards, and prizes for the streamer. A new quest chain as an added bonus for someone who has completed all unpaid events in Cash Inc., Tappy Shots, Tasty Block Puzzle, Crazy Taxi, Gummy Drop, and Cooking Dash. (All of the Casual games) Mystery Bonus You MUST complete Kickoff Quest Tutorial before this is enabled. Every time a Quest Mode/Free Tip event (install ect.) is completed, the user receives a Mystery Bonus in chat. This bonus can be a real world prize, like a steam gift card, or sub points, BBB points, a jackpot, or an artifact to improve your chances, or most of the time . . . some useless junk. (This functionality was referenced in the Kickoff, and is finally live) Coming Soon Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Walking Dead: Road to Survival More games and sponsors!

Try this out guys, it's definitely a win-win for sure!

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