Brand New Build!

Today is the day that a brand new build will be started on! Instead of the castle we had before - and if you haven't seen the first castle (Or old sub server) then here's your chance:

Though, now that 7 Days to Die has updated, this castle is sadly gone now - but, that means a new and improved castle can be built! Tonight at 7 PM Central subs and mods will be starting to build the castle, which will hopefully be better than the last one. So, if you'd like to watch a castle be built in pure survival, and the gather of resources here and there go to: :D

Also, if you'd like to participate in sub activities, including movie night, sub servers etc. - subscribe to Pokket's gamewisp, or Twitch. Though don't feel like you are being pressured to or told to, it's just a nice thing to do if you feel generous to do so!

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