Kingdom Hearts 3 Premiere // Wowie #2

Just a quick reminder, there will be spoilers throughout this Wowie. If you don't want your hopes and dreams wrecked, please refrain from reading this. Thank you!

Kingdom Hearts is a beloved game in the PokketProtektor community! So something super awesome is the release of Kingdom Hearts 3! We're so hyped for this! We got so much new info about Kingdom Hearts 3. There were selected people and content creators that got to play the KH3 demo at the premiere. We, luckily, have some info about this awesome event!

Toy Story:

Toy Story's world name has been announced to be "Toy Box" There were cut-scenes showing Rex, Ham, Woody, and Buzz having a conversation with Sora. Rex is certain that Sora is actually a character named Yozora from a video game he plays. “I’ve leveled you up to 47, but I still can’t beat Bahamut,” Rex says. Young Xehenort was shown in a cut scene talking to Sora telling him they made a copy of this world (which was "toy box") and pulled those hearts apart. The plot for KH3 toy story world sounds like Xehanort split the worlds in two. Sora and the gang are stuck in one half of the world and the "missing friends" of Woody's is in the other half.

- Who was the Blue haired girl we saw from just the back of the head? She is not who you think. We got a glimpse at one of the bosses in the upcoming toy story world being the blue haired girl doll.

- Flow motion is confirmed to only allow you to bounce off the walls once as opposed to constantly from the previous games. This makes the movement much more balanced compared to Dream Drop Distance.

- There were cut scenes and command menus in English.

- Button assignments for Xbox were shown.

- It has been confirmed that the names of the known keyblades will be "Infinity Badge" for Toy Story, "Ever after" for Tangled, and "Smile Gear" for Monsters Inc.

- During Keyblade transformations, you can now switch up to 3 different keyblades in the command menu! No more having to wait until enemies are gone to change a keyblade.

- Wreck it Ralph will be seen in KH3. This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill! He will be a summon "8-bit Blast."

- Ariel's Link is called "Lagoon Showtime."

- Shock Lock & Duck Flare was shown.

- It would seem that Text Bubble cut-scenes are no more! It looks like they are now voiced pieces of dialogue when you interact with characters.

- Sora can now climb up most walls. They will light up letting you know they can be climbed, so watch out for those very special walls.

- Remember when Ventus rolled on top of the yarn ball in Birth by Sleep? Sora can now roll the ball by standing on it in Toy Story. How neat is that?

- Nomura confirmed that they watch YouTubers and Streamers content and enjoy the feedback. The feedback from the demo will allow their team to fix any major problems that the selected players noticed. Which is amazing to hear that they'll give us the best of the best!

- Testuya Nomura said we will be seeing a release date early next month. That's either the next orchestra concert or at E3. More likely to be E3.

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