Making It Rain W/ Sponsorships!

Pokket can't stream on her own, as she needs to get food on her plate somehow (Because everyone needs to fuel up every now and again). Donating is a great way of showing support and is appreciated but then there's other ways to support Pokket as well. She now has many sponsors that deal with gaming, clothing, and some other really sweet deals. By being supportive of Pokket and using discount codes from her, you can actually give Pokket money and keep her stream going!

Which is a very nice thing.

So, if you'd like to go and support Pokket and get something sweet out of it at the same time (Which is basically a Win-Win-Win) Here are the sponsors of hers:

- Into The AM

Want to get premium clothing as well as other sweet things? Try out Into The AM, they have the most comfy T-Shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants! By using this code below you can get 10% off of your purchase - Pninja

- Humble Bundle

It has great deals and you can also get amazing monthly subscriptions! All their proceeds go to charity, which is also an amazing thing. By purchasing games you get to help out a greater cause, now what's much better than that. By using these links you'll help Pokket a huge amount, as well as clicking the link to check out Humble Bundle in general. They're just super cool!

- Warframe

A multiplayer game that is free where you can find amazing skins, shoot cool weapons, and look at pretty neat graphics. Maybe if you get this game, there could be a chance of you playing with Pokket. Want to get some cool and even more neat things, now's your chance!

- A link to your Channel on the Warframe website ( ) Partners Page

- Review copies of new releases at every major update

- Platinum giveaways to support the growth of your channel

- Your own custom “Glyph” icon added in game

- The chance to be featured through Warframe’s official channels

- 7 Days To Die

A multiplayer game that allows you to build cool things like castles ( Which we did once before, many of times) and slay zombies like a cool person. Who doesn't like cutting a Zombies head of cleanly? If you really want to join in the fun of 7 Days, but don't have the chance to actually purchase the game on Steam, don't worry! Pokket has you all covered!

- Giveaway of two PC 7 Days to Die Keys every Saturday

- Streaming New Alphas before they come out

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