Ninja News #1

The community has been growing larger and larger, Pokket has been gaining more followers and subscribers every minute, and we've made new friends over the past months! So far, this year has been becoming great and we'd like to thank you for this. Without you guys our community wouldn't be anything, you've all been with us for so long. It doesn't matter if you're new, we'd like to thank you as well for taking your time to laugh along with us!

Since the community is growing, we want to make sure you guys have a great time as well as us. We want to make sure this is a wonderful experience so we'd like to see what you guys want from this! What would you like to be changed around in Pokket's stream and what do you want to see? Pokket has been playing different games like Sea of Thieves and Warframe lately, but what else could she play? You guys should deserve a say in what will be happening around in the stream and know about it as well, since it may affect you guys as well. We've been changing things around behind the scenes to make streaming a better experience for everyone and less chaotic.

Here's a few things that have been changing around:

- Discord Queue:

Pokket has decided to add a Discord queue in discord, so not everyone can join the streaming channel when they'd like. It's not because we don't want people to be with us, but instead to ensure that everyone can be heard and no one comes in to interrupt. This will help make sure that only the people playing the game can be heard equally as well as Pokket. That way no one randomly comes in and says something whilst Pokket is talking ( No one wants to sound rude!) This is also a way that we can queue people to play games, and they can sit and wait to be dragged up. While you're in there you can talk to others who are waiting in the "waiting room" and listen to the music coming from DynoBot (Yes we have a new bot now, and in order to use it just type this "!Play (Song name) (Artist Name) The bot is very exact!) This will have you guys to hear everything being said by Pokket or anyone playing the game, rather than hearing a jumbled up mess.

- Sponsorship's And Quests:

Pokket has been gaining a bunch of new sponsorship's and has quests. This is a way for you guys to support Pokket and get something in return from it. Quests will allow you to play free app games on mobile (Phones & Tablets) and gain points that could be spent on getting a free sub and other cool things! Quests are a easy and free way to help the community grow much larger and everyone can have even more fun! Pokket is sponsored by Warframe (So Plat giveaways!), Humble Bundle, and Into The AM! By using discount codes and being in giveaways you can support Pokket and get something amazing in return! Ever since we started growing Pokket has been growing as well and it's amazing. Of course you can donate, but some people can't really give money! So by quests and other cool things you can indirectly give money to Pokket and help her grow!

Everyone this will be a weekly series like thing called Ninja News, that will come out every Sunday. This is so the viewers in our community will be able to know what the changes are and what will be happening. Without you guys none of this will be possibly, so thank you all for making it possible. I don't mean to make this sound sappy or anything, but without you guys we would just be a speck of nothing in the universe. You guys made this all be possible, and we're still growing! So you all deserve to know what's happening, you all deserve some say in everything that is going on, and you all should get what is best for you. We've been here for a long time now and you're still here for us. We're just a bunch of gamers who just want to have fun, that's all we ever were. That's all we still are. Though you guys didn't care and stuck with us through the good and the bad! So thank you all for being here for us and let us all continue this amazing Twitch journey!

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