Ninja News #10

Hello everyone, it's time for another Ninja news finally! We're really sorry for not posting on time last week, but at least we're on time this Sunday. We were very busy last week, and it was hard to be able to write up anything. Though, this week we have a nice set of cool things happening in the Protektor community! I hope everyone had a fun time during the twelve hour stream, as we were raising money for a Nebraska Humane Society. Thank you for coming if you stopped by and we appreciated all the support!

7 Days To Die Contest:

In PokketNinja's subscriber server, we had a skyscraper building contest. We showcased everyone's buildings off and allowed everyone to vote. Though, we'd like to let everyone have a chance to think over their choices and for many people to vote. For the winners of the contest, which will be two, will receive a twenty dollar gift card! There will be more contests like this in the future, which you can join in on by subscribing to PokketNinja on Twitch. There's also other awesome perks you can receive by subscribing as well, like giveaways! Viewers will be voting, like you all, and then the mods will also vote! We want to make the right decision and allow everyone to be able to vote, so we're extending the time for a little bit longer. The winners will then be revealed around next week! So look around in Discord to see if the person you voted for has won or not. Even though there is a winner, everyone did a fantastic job and worked hard on what they built. Below are pictures of everyone's build, as well as a link to be able to vote for who you think did an amazing job.

Charity Stream Re-Cap:

PokketNinja had a twelve hour charity stream in order to support a local Nebraska Humane Society! This was to help all the animals who need loving homes and care! We played Killing Floor 2, Vermintide: Warhammer 2, and Warframe! We had a blast hanging out with everyone and thank you for joining and supporting us. PokketNinja also reached her goal of raised money, which is even better. Thank you all for donating, watching, and sharing our stream! We can't say enough how much we appreciate all the support you gave us. Pokket ate many disgusting jelly beans, her husband Dan did her makeup, and she even got hit with eggs and a pie! We even used voice changers. Without you guys donating, we couldn't do any of that really fun stuff. The best part was we got on Twitch spotlight and met more people to become apart of the community. It was amazing to see so many people for the first time, and that was an amazing way to top off the night! Thank you for your support and being apart of the PokketProtektors guys! You all are amazing and we couldn't do any of this without you guys helping us along the way.

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