Ninja News #11

Thank you all for the support of Ninja News and for all the love in the community. It's amazing to see that so many people are around and supporting us as well as each other. We wouldn't have gotten this far without you guys and this website wouldn't have either. We're going to make sure to work hard and have the best content on here, in honor of you all. New series will come out later on and more Wowie will be posted on Saturdays, so keep an eye out for that. Pokket Pets will be coming out as well, so remember to keep sharing your pets! Anyways, I hope you all are having a fantastic day and lets keep up the good work guys!


This year's E3 was amazing and there are so many amazing games coming out next year! We're all really excited to see all the games being played and how everything will actually turn up. Kingdom Hearts 3 is one game a lot of people are excited about coming out next year. PokketNinja streams Kingdom Hearts on occasion and is a really huge fan of the game series! So she's really excited to go ahead and play KH3 in 2019. So, watch out for Kingdom Hearts play-through's coming around soon. Another game that's going to be coming out is the Walking Dead! Clementine is all grown up and we all can't wait to see her and AJ together. Pokket might play that around 2019 as well! Although there are many games coming out, just to name a few we're excited about is really hard. Although you probably know some of the games they have talked about. To make this list shorter, here's a few honorable mentions we can't wait for:

- Resident Evil 2 remake

- Sea of Thieves

- Last of Us 2

- Fallout 76

This is just a short list of games that we are excited for, yet there are many more from where that came from!

Warframe Update:

A new update for Warframe just came out and PokketNinja has been playing it non-stop! Ever since she became a partner for Warframe, she's been quite addicted to the game. If you come around for Warframe streams you could win plat giveaways, which is the in game currency, and Glyph's! The sacrifice is another new chapter in the Warframe story-line and the quests can be played after you finished The Second Dream, The War Within, Chains of Harrows, and the Apostasy Prologue. With Twitch Prime you can get Trinity Prime and a Prime Syandana for free! Also, there are Twitch Drops so head over to Pokket's stream and you could earn one of those bad boys! We're really excited for the update and can't wait to see more updates in the future!

7 Days to Die A17:

7 Days to Die is a game PokketNinja is partnered to and is a big fan of. It's a zombie survival game, both multiplayer and single-player, and you can make amazing builds. Pokket will be able to get early access of the game, but another surprise is in store! Joel, the developer of 7 Days, will be playing with Pokket possibly. Though that's not just it! He will be answering questions, submitted by you guys, about the new alpha. So, by heading over to our Discord you will see a text channel called 'A17'. In that chat you can put as many questions about the new alpha as you'd like, just keep it all questions though. We can't wait to see what it all has in store!

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