Ninja News #12

It's another Sunday, which means another Ninja News! Thank you everyone for the constant support of the community and all of the love. Saturday's stream went awesome and was crazy! Let's keep up the good work and support each other along the way, like we're doing now. We're so close to partnership that it's actually insane, thank you everyone for all of this. Let's keep up this gaming journey and continue having fun!

Streamer Gifts:

Have you ever wanted to send PokketNinja gifts and things that she would want or need? Well, you're in luck because she now has Streamer Gifts. You're probably wondering what that is, right? Well, it's pretty self explanatory! It's a wish list of things Pokket would like to own for herself and you can buy and send her these things. Your information will not be revealed, so Pokket won't be able to find your home. This is a good way to support Pokket without having all your information revealed. She also has a P.O Box, but we felt that this was good for those who didn't want to share information of theirs. You don't need to buy Pokket anything, it's just a nice thing to do. If you can't give her things, coming to the stream and sharing it with others is good support. Don't feel obligated to have to give things to us or donate, this is just something you can do out of generosity. The link below will show you Pokket's wish list on Streamer Gifts, from there you can buy and send Pokket things.

New Moderators:

We recently had people in the community to apply to become a moderator for PokketNinja. If you didn't become mod and applied, that doesn't mean we dislike you in any shape or form. We still hope that you'll help support the community, even if you aren't a mod. To those who became mods, congratulations! Welcome, Keiko, JetLight, Urbane, and Jester to the moderator crew! They'll be around to help out the community like always and will be moderating chat! Although, you can still apply to be a moderator using the link below. We'll possibly be looking for moderators in the future and you can possibly become a mod then. If you've already applied you can apply again, not becoming a moderator the first time does not affect your chances in the future. Thank you all for the support and let's keep making the community a better place!

TwitchCon Goal:

Pokket recently set up a goal in order to go to a convention, TwitchCon, and meet you all! She set up a donation goal of 2500 and you may donate on her Twitch. If Pokket reaches that goal she'll be able to meet with all of you heading to TwitchCon and have a fun time! You don't have to donate, but this will help her be able to meet with the PokketProtektor community. For those of you who don't know what TwitchCon is, it's a convention for streamer to go to and meet up with fans. The convention also focuses on gaming, art, and improving your stream! The link below will lead you to a magical land of donating to Pokket's TwitchCon goal.

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