Ninja News #13

It's another Sunday, meaning another Ninja News! Exciting things are coming up later in the community and we all can't wait for them to happen. It's also the first of the month, meaning Pokket Pets. Remember if you'd like your pet showcased, put a picture and a story of your pet in Discord! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and hopefully this week is going to be even better! Thank you all for the continuous support of the PokketProtektor community, PokketNinja's stream, and the website. It's nice to hear amazing things about the community from others and thanks for all the help along the way. We couldn't have made it far without you all being with us and being our friends. We're probably going to continuously shove down your throats how much we love and appreciate you guys. Pokket's stream is growing faster each day and she might even get partner! We all can't wait for Husky emotes in the near future. Have a nice Sunday everyone and a nicer Monday!

Subscriber Giveaways:

PokketNinja is a variety game streamer, who usually streams Warframe or 7 Days to Die. If you subscribe to her on Twitch, you'll be able to get some amazing subscriber perks! One of those perks is subscriber giveaways. Once a month Pokket does one giveaway for all of her subs, every month being something different. Sometimes she giveaways game keys but also she gives away merch like her Pokket mugs! June's giveaway was a Destiny 2 game key for PC. So if you'd like to win some neat games, free merch, and other cool prizes, subscribe! Subscribing is also a good way of supporting PokketNinja's stream and helps her keep going. Although there are other ways of supporting her and you're not obligated to, it's very nice to do so. You can gain other things from subscribing to Pokket, like a Warframe Glyph code! Also, you don't have to subscribe by spending your money as not everyone can do so. Although, there's gifted subscriptions! Of course, people can give them to you but you can also get them yourself. By completing quests you can earn sub points, which will let you subscribe for free. You're probably wondering the catch for this? Well, all you have to do is play mobile games for free! So, by completing the quests you'll be able to support PokketNinja as well. The link below will lead you on a journey over to the Quest website, so you can then get started on gaining those subscriber points! 

4th of July:

PokketNinja will not be streaming on the 4th of July, since it's a holiday. Although, happy 4th of July everyone when it comes up. I hope everyone has fun with fireworks and eating good food! Also, thanks to all that serve and protect us as it's greatly appreciated. Pokket will be streaming on the 5th though, so you can catch her the day after! Have a fantastic holiday! 

7 Days to Die Reset & A17 Early Access:

The 7 Days to Die subscriber server is currently being reset, meaning a new biome. Clicking the link below will allow you to be able to vote on which biome you'd like to kill zombies in! Pokket will also have to try and survive between these choices, plains, desert, snow, or a forest. Use the straw-poll below to choose which biome you'd like to try and survive in! Also, another exciting thing is coming up for 7 Days to Die and the stream. PokketNinja will get early access to A17 but that's not just it.  She'll be having a live Q&A with Joel himself! If you'd like to ask Joel any 7 Days to Die related questions, Pokket has a channel in her Discord for such. The other link below will lead you to that channel so you can post as many questions as you'd like. When this is going to happen is currently blurry but possibly will be during July or early August. We will have exact times in the future and this will also last two days. Now, let's go murder some zombies!

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