Ninja News #14

Happy Sunday everyone, hopefully today is going great for everyone. Also, hopefully Monday isn't going to become a train-wreck. We're still going for partnership in PokketNinja's stream and we appreciate all the support. All this support we've been getting, whether donations, just watching the stream, follows, and subscribers helps us to keep going! It's cheesy to say this, but true, that we wouldn't get where we are currently without you all. Let's keep up the good work and striving to get better and grow the PokketProtektor community! We'll continue to grow together and support one each other along the way of this streaming journey like we've always done. Anyways, let's keep up the good work and all the community love!

Pokket Pets:

If you have furry family and would like to showcase it, this is your chance! Pokket Pets is a way to show anyone in the communities animals. If you'd like to have your pet be awed over, all you have to do is a few things. First, is joining PokketNinja's Discord and posting your pet's picture in the pet channel. The link below will give you an invite to the server. You also have to give us a story of how you got your pet and give us some information about them! It doesn't have to be a dog or a cat, it can be any animal you'd like! If you have a pet spider or a lizard, even a human, showcase them! Pokket Pets is now coming out on the 15th of every month. This gives two loving pets a chance to be given some PokketProtektor love!


Have you ever wanted to support Pokket and help her earn money, but you don't have any to give? Well, now's your chance with Loots! Loots is a way to donate to Pokket by watching ads and it's free! Loots will earn Pokket a couple cents, but it's still beneficial! The more you use Loots to more you support Pokket keep streaming and improve! Though that's not it! You can add a personal stream message and it'll show up on the stream! The link below will take you directly to Pokket's page, but remember to sign up!

Bit Alerts:

Bits are a way to give streamer's, like Pokket, money without donating. It's another good way to support streamers on Twitch! You can get bits free by watching ads! Pokket has now added a few new alerts that will pop up to certain amounts of bits you throw at her! One new alert is giving Pokket 6 bits, which will give off a spooky alert. So if you want to scare Pokket, go ahead! Also, giving Pokket 69 bits will give off a very saucy alert. Because, you will never get enough sauce!

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