Ninja News #15

Happy Sunday everyone, it's the end of another week! I hope everyone had fantastic weekdays and a even better weekend. We're already on the fifteenth Ninja News, which is surprising that it has even lasted this far. Though, let's keep it going! The support in stream has just been crazy and it's great to see so many amazing people. We've not only became closer to older viewers, but also making friends with new viewers. You guys make the PokketProtektor community what it is now, so thank you! PokketNinja and the moderator team need you guys to keep going and you've been there for that. So thank you all and have a great Monday! Pokket will be streaming tomorrow, so we can't wait to see you there!

A Thank You Message:

Hello Protektor's, this is just a little something to say we appreciate you all. We don't think we'll ever be able to say this enough, but we appreciate everything you've done for us and just being there. You guys always manage to make our day and it's just amazing to see so many wonderful people here that care about one another but also us. We can't believe so many people came and supported us along the way, whether you're still here, if you're gone, or if you're new, thank you. We don't care how old or how new you are as a viewer, as you've still supported us so much. More than we ever thought. So, here's a few "thank you for everything you've done" messages from the PokketProtektor creator and mod team. Love you guys!

POKKETNINJA "I want to say thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart. The community has grown so much and I never knew it was possible. I love spending my time, day in and day out with everyone. I never imagined having all the love with the community. Its been a really good time. I love the 'lil family that we have made. You guys always make my day and I'll always be there for you if you ever need to vent or just someone to talk to. Thank you so much to my mods, followers, subs, and lurkers. You guys are amazing. Pokket Protektors for life!"

CYAN "It's been crazy to see all of this support for the community, like really, you guys are insane. The fact you guys take time out of you day to come and watch us be weird is just something. Thank you guys for everything, because you guys make my day every single time I come into stream. I'm happy to know that you guys care about us, Pokket, the moderator team, and me! Because, we care a lot about you guys too, and I care about you guys too. I could make this a huge rant about how much you all helped me and continue with this whole rambling thing. Though I'm just going to cut it short to just say, thanks for supporting and believing in us! Because you guys made us who we are today and you guys made me who I am now."

JETLIGHT "I just wanted to say thanks to the community for being so friendly. As some of you already know I haven't been very active for a little while due to finishing up some course finals in school, that should change very soon. Thanks to my fellow mods for bearing with me, and thanks to everyone for being so cool. I hope to have some more great times with everyone!"

KEIKO "I personally want to thank Pokket and everyone in the community for welcoming me with such warm hearts it feels nice to be apart of something much bigger than me, a community of people who not only love Kingdom Hearts as much as I do but also were willing to get me into a game that was foreign to me and teach me the ropes. The warframe journey has been an awesome one for me so far and I have none other than Pokket Ninja and the Pokket Protektors to thank for that! Also, shoutout to Cyan for being super neat and awesome and just oh so boba sweet."

Pushing For Partnership:

As the community has been growing, PokketNinja has decided to apply to become a partnered streamer on Twitch. Pokket is a Warframe partner and often plays other games like 7 Days to Die, Overwatch, and Kingdom Hearts! Thank you all for helping Pokket make her way into possibly becoming a partnered streamer, as we're working very hard to make this happen. In order to become a partnered streamer you must have a 75 viewer average, a regular broadcasting schedule, and your content must meet the guidelines. Pokket only needs to have that 75 viewer average and we can make this happen! So, please help us by supporting PokketNinja's streams and it doesn't have to be much. Just coming to the stream, hosting her, and inviting other's to watch really helps us. Thanks for the support and let continue this journey to partner together! Once she get's partnered we can get those emotes everyone has been waiting for, me especially. There's even going to be Husky emotes, so how could you pass on that offer?

PokketNinja Merch & Gif's:

Are you a viewer of PokketNinja's stream and would like to sport some ninja merch around? Well, there's a bunch of merch out there you can buy! Now, you might be wondering, where can you get it? Don't worry, I have you covered! The link below will lead you on a fantastic journey to a website where you can buy yourself some Pokket shirts and even a mug! You can buy Pokket stickers, mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, and even sweatshirts! So, go ahead and take a look at some of that Pokket merch and I promise you won't be disappointed. This is another way to support PokketNinja and help her on her streaming journey to become a full-time streamer! So let's help her out everyone.

Also there's more! Pokket has just added a Twitch extension that allows viewers to post gifs to a section pre-determined by the streamer! So your Gif could be the one that shows up on stream, to create a more fun and interactive stream! Which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Keep Your Attitude Cool & Your Pet's Cooler:

Summer heat sucks. So remember to keep your pets in places that are cool so they don't overheat. Make sure to not keep them in cars, as well as children too! They aren't able to fend for themselves so make sure you take care of them. We want all furry and non-furry family to stay safe during this hot weather. Also, remember to stay cool as well! Use sunscreen, stay hydrated, and make sure to keep yourself cool as well. Heatstroke and overheating in general isn't fun at all, so don't put yourself or anyone else in that situation. Also, remember to keep your attitude cool as well and treat other's nicely. Everyone deserves to feel happy so make sure you can be the one to make someone's day. It doesn't have to be much, but listening to someone vent to you or just saying hi is a very nice thing to do. If you're not feeling great remember to talk to others and reach out for help, as asking for help isn't bad. You're not always going to feel great and down days are normal. So take time for yourself when you're stressed and reach out for help! The community is willing to listen to you vent and to give you as much love and time as you need. So, everyone remember to keep your attitudes cool and your pets cooler this Summer!

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