Ninja News #16

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope this week was great for you all! It is almost the end of July, so remember Pokket Pets will come out on the first and the subscriber giveaway! The giveaway currently is a $25 IntoTheAm gift card, so you can buy a bunch of amazingly designed clothing! So, if you'd like to be able to buy some nice clothing as well as other things, enter the giveaway now! You still have a couple days before July ends and the giveaway winner is announced. We did not make partnership, but that's not stopping us from keeping up the positive and fun community we have. I'm glad we did have your support and I hope we continue to have it now and in the future. We'll get it next time and continue working hard for it! Thanks again, for all the people who've joining the community, whether new or old, and for sticking with us. We've been growing and it's amazing to see all of these amazing people here showing each-other love!


PokketNinja does giveaways every so often in both her Twitch streams as well as randomly in Discord. Usually she gives away free game keys, plat, her Warframe glyph, and the subscriber giveaways can be anything from merch to gift cards! So, if you'd like to join in on the fun and win some cool prizes hop in our Discord. The link below will let you join and lead you to the giveaway channel. The giveaway channel is where you can join in on giveaways as well as get notifications of when a giveaway will be happening in stream. Also, joining our Discord in general will keep you notified and you can talk to Pokket and friends whilst not live. Go ahead and join, it's one heck of a time! If you'd like to join in on giveaways on Twitch all you need to do is follow, that's it! The only giveaways where most people can't take part in is subscriber giveaway, as like the name implies it's only for subscribers! Though, by subscribing you get to enter and have a chance of winning them as well as many other cool subscribing perks. The giveaways in Discord that happen every so often is for anyone and everyone, so go ahead and try to enter them whenever they happen!

Future Gaming Experiences W/ Pokket:

In the future Pokket will be playing some other cool games, as she is a variety game streamer! At the moment she's playing Warframe, but she will be expanding into other games soon! One game that Pokket is very, very, very, excited to play is Kingdom Hearts 3! This is one of the games almost everyone in the community is really excited about and we can't wait to see Pokket play it! If you don't know what Kingdom Hearts is in general, we have you covered. There's this boy named Sora that has two friends he always hangs out with on an island. The island gets swallowed by darkness and Sora's heart is filled with light, which makes it where he can wield a keyblade. His mission is to find his friends and while doing so he meets Donald and goofy. They find other Disney worlds and fight off the heartless together. It's an amazing game and coming up with a simple description was very hard! Though Kingdom Hearts 3 is not the only game Pokket will be playing! The Walking Dead will be played in August! It's an amazing game and sadly it is coming to an end, though Pokket will be playing the last game! Hopefully she doesn't get all the players killed, especially Clem and AJ! If you don't know the Walking Dead either, it's basically a game by Telltale based around a zombie apocalypse and the decisions you make effect the story being told. It's an amazing game as well and it's sad that it's already going to be ending! The last game Pokket will be playing in the future is Detroit: Become Human! I'm really excited to see this game being played and hopefully Pokket doesn't kill all the characters in that game too. The creators of this game also created Heavy Rain, which is a game Pokket really enjoyed as well. Detroit: Become Human is a game based in the future were androids are being used and also heavily choice based. You will play as multiple characters and you get to choose the path of how Androids are viewed to the rest of the world. We all can't wait for Pokket playing these games in the near future! So hopefully, you all will be here for that!


With loots you're able to send messages that show up on stream, specifically PokketNinja's, that are sponsored. So each message you send, Pokket will gain money from that. This is another way of donating but free, it's great support! Each message starts with a video that lasts a few seconds and then flips to show the message you send. Pokket can also moderate messages before they show up and the video ads are muted so you won't have to listen to them! Doing loots are completely free, so when Pokket's streaming go ahead and do them. The person who sends the most loots will be gifted a free sub from Pokket, so join this contest. It'll probably take a lot of work to get ahead of Tifa, but hey, believe! The link below will send you over to Pokket's loots page, so you can send Pokket some funny messages when she's live! So, go ahead and check that out.

Drop It Like It's Pokket:

Gifted subs are a nice way of showing other viewers some love as well as supporting Pokket! You don't have to gift subs, as we don't want you to feel obligated to do so. Although, it's a very nice to do and we appreciate them very much. If you do give a gifted sub though, Pokket created an amazing alert for it. Drop it like it's Pokket! The fact it's a real song is amazing and we love this alert so much. So if you'd like to hear that song and see that amazing alert, give a gifted sub to someone! Gifted subs still get the same things a regular subscriber would get, like a customized origami ninjastar, the in stream currency ninjastars, the ability to join the secret sub chat in Discord, and many, many more! So help out a fellow Pokket Protektor with a gifted sub sometime!

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