Ninja News #17

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope everyone is having a fantastic day! Remember, you can talk to the moderators or Pokket anytime if you're having a bad day! Either for advice or just to vent to us, we'll be there to help you all. Thank you everyone for the constant support and let's keep working to get better each day. Remember to enter the subscribers giveaway if you're a sub, you could be the winner this month! Subscribing is great support for PokketNinja to keep streaming and provide everyone with really fun things. Though subscribing also benefits you all with fun perks and cool things along the way. Also, PokketPets is still coming out on both the beginning of the month and the 15th so, please put your pets and their story in the pet Discord channel! Thank you all for everything and let's keep it up!

Warframe Fight Night:

Pokket had lots of fun fighting with Anti and friends in Warframe, so she'd like to start doing that more! We've haven't thoroughly planned through this yet though, but we have a basic outline of how we possibly want this to be. It'll be a once a month fight night and will be on Friday's, so that way a lot of people can be available to join in on the fun! The winner of each fight will receive 1k Ninjastars although, we will possibly do more prizes still. At the moment we're just going to start with giving away some of that sweet in stream currency. The winner who wins 1 out of 3 rounds will get that prize! We will add onto this idea more later so expect announcements and updates about this in the future. If you'd like to receive updates on Pokket's stream, hanging out with the PokketProtektors and other cool things, join our Discord! It's a fun time, we promise!

August Giveaway:

Subscribing to PokketNinja gives you an amazing opportunity to join in on giveaways! These giveaways occur once a month and last the whole month long, giving everyone enough time to enter. All it takes to enter is to subscribe, but you can also do other things afterwards. Though, I'm not going to go on a full list because that would take forever to write, you can check it out if you're subscribed. If you're not, if you can, do it! It's not only support but it also provides you with some cool perks as well. Last month's giveaway was a IntoTheAM gift-card, which was won by Saf! So congrats to her for winning and use that card wisely! This month's will be one of Pokket's shirts, specifically the stained glass shirt! You could be the winner of some amazing PokketNinja merch, so go ahead and enter! You have a whole month until then, so you have lots of time!

Kingdom Hearts Shenanigans:

Kingdom Hearts III will be coming out soon! Which means, that Pokket will be playing all the Kingdom Hearts game over until then. So, if you really love Kingdom Hearts or never seen it, this is your chance to catch up with the series. It's an amazing game, both heartwarming and still has rage moments and funny moments. It is mostly known for being a Disney based game but it's also more than that. So, check it out whilst Pokket is streaming it and it's going to be a fun time! Remember, to not backseat game if you're a Kingdom Hearts pro as it's not fun for Pokket or anyone else. We just want to have a chill time watching cut-scenes and crying!

Sub Badges:

Twitch has finally added Sub badges for those who are affiliates. We're very excited for this moment, as Pokket already has her ready! The sub badges go all the way to a year and they're very adorable! So, if you'd like to have a PokketNinja sub badge then now you can! Subscribing will get that for you, but also will get you other cools things. Like, subscriber only giveaways, sub only 7 Days to Die server, emotes, and even more cool stuff! Thanks for all the constant support everyone and to everyone who has subbed, thank you very much! Even if you're not subscribed, still thank you for everything. It really helps us having people watch us and share with others Pokket's stream. The support we've been getting is just absolutely fantastic.

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