Ninja News #18

Happy Sunday everyone, as everyone knows Pokket won't be streaming today. Although she will be streaming again Monday, so remember to join us then! I hope everyone had a fantastic week and that you're having a wonderful weekend. Remember, you can still hang out with us off stream in our Discord! We're usually active in there all the time, so join us there! Anyways, I hope you're having a good day and continue to have a good Monday as well! Thanks for all the support, it's been really awesome having so many people watching us in stream and joining us in games like Warframe. All of the raids, the bits, the subscriptions and the follows help us continue what we're doing! So thanks everyone for all the love.


PokketNinja has added something to her Discord recently to help avoid the spam of notifications to things you don't want to know about. It's simply just a 'pick-and-choose' Discord role system were you choose what you want to be notified for. All you have to do is go into the 'role-request' Discord channel and read what each Discord role notifies you for. You then react using the emote that is linked with that certain role and that's it! You will get a message from a bot that will say you now have that role. It's as simple as that, all you have to do is click! Now, what do you do if you react with the wrong Discord emote? Well, all you have to do is click the emote that is linked with the role you didn't want, again. Then you won't be notified by that and won't have to deal with that role ever again. The ones you don't click are ones you won't be notified for at all, so any games you don't want to be notified for, you won't. Pokket will tag the roles in messages, so then if you have that role you'll get the news. Usually it's news about a game, like a cool thing they added, or if someone needs help. Just anything you'd like to know about that game or the thing you're interested in! The only notifications everyone will be notified for is when Pokket goes lives, which she will tag everyone, and that's it! You will still have to mute spam channels, like Cyan's fridge or the bot, music, and spam channel. But otherwise, that's it! We thought this would be good for those who want notifications for certain things and doesn't want to be continuously spammed!


Pokket will be playing the Walking Dead this Tuesday! If you don't know the Walking Dead, it's a TellTale game where you're in a zombie Apocalypse and you make choices that will determine the outcome you receive. She will be playing the most recent one, also the finale of the game. We loved this game so much, even if Pokket mad choices that probably killed off everyone, and it's sad to see it end. Although, we're excited to see how it goes and if Pokket kills of AJ and Clem! So, come to the stream Tuesday for some zombie killing and feelsy moments with Clementine, AJ, and walkers. She will be streaming it at 8PM Central time! So, come and join the fun. Monday she will be back with some Kingdom Hearts and it's going to be real exciting and many keyblades shall be wielded.


Do you like fighting? Do you like 7 Days to Die? Do you love seeing Pokket break her legs? Well, if you said yes to all or one of those questions, than the PokketProtektors have the best thing for you! The 7 Days Battle Royale hosted by yours truly, PokketNinja! You will be put in a team, or you can be a lone wolf. Of course, the rules are as plain as day. No cheating, no being rude, listen to the admins and the usual rules we have! Just be an all around good boy, easy as that. This will begin September 1st, but you can already sign up now! Well, you're probably wondering "how can I sign up?"! Well, you can sign up by joining the most wonderful thing on the internet, probably, our discord! In our Discord you can sign yourself up to a fun battle that will include a lot of death. But, we know how much you all love death! So, join us in this broken leg filled war filled with zombies, cacti, more zombies, and death today!

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