Ninja News #2

There was a recent mod meeting that has happened a couple days ago, and we mostly focused on how to help the community! We wanted to help you guys have a much more entertaining time and be able to make sure everyone was happy while watching and being apart of Pokket's stream. These mod meetings, that are hopefully will happen quite often, are here to help us and you guys grow as people while still being able to have a fun! Ninja News is something that we thought would help us all grow closer and have the same consistent goals we're all going to work on together. So let's get into the topics we've discussed.

Mod Roles:

Every single mod that runs Pokket's stream actually have a important role that their supposed to focus on and work hard to complete. We've all been doing different jobs and sometimes working on the same job, so we decided to assign jobs. Pokket can't do anything by herself, so as Mods we are supposed to make things much easier for her and support her the best we can! Now that we all have jobs to work on, we're all going to help make sure Pokket's stream environment is manageable! We also figured out how we'd like to make sure chat is being protected (By our strong, green swords) and have fun! So, together, we all are going to make sure our community is going to become even better!

Gaming With Pokket:

Recently we created a system in order to be able to play games with Pokket, whenever it is opened to viewers or subscribers , which will be the Discord voice chat labeled "waiting room". This waiting room will be for those wanting to play games with Pokket and to wait while other's are playing with her. It's a small queue that can entertain themselves with whatever they'd like, you can talk to other's in the queue, play games with each other in the meanwhile, or listen to music! This will help you all, as viewers, to understand who is talking and hear Pokket clearly. If there are many people in a single voice chat and people are randomly hopping in to say something, it could be harder to understand what is being said. We're trying to make it easier for everyone to be heard and try and not talk over one another. Although Cyan doesn't talk much so there's not really much we can do for her, except let her spam Discord and Twitch chat as much as she wants. We're working on that too.

Thank you guys for making our community grow, and we hope in the future you'll stick with us and make us even better! I hope you all have a good day!

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