Ninja News #20

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope everyone is having a fantastic day! The past few weeks have been amazing for the community and Pokket. The Warframe Twitch Channel raided Pokket and you guys were insane. We want to tell you thank you so much for all the support. She Just hit 10,000 followers and over 250 subs on Twitch. You guys smashed her goals! The streams have been growing and we hope Pokket can stream full-time someday. Reminder Twitch Con is coming up October 25th-29th so Pokket won't be streaming those days. There might be some IRL streams she could maybe fit in if it allows her too. Here is more Ninja News for you!


Congrats to Pokket on the 10,000 Subscribers on Twitch! She will be doing a Donald Duck Cosplay for hitting her goal. There is no set date yet for when she will be doing the cosplay. It might be after Twitch Con since she won't get all of the costume until then. We will let everyone know as soon as we can when the cosplay will be done. She will be streaming Kingdom Hearts 2 while she is dressed as Donald! You guys did this! We all know that "DOLAN" is one of the best healers around.


Pokket made it in the Big Leagues. She is now a Discord Partner!!! So what does that mean for us? Access to robust VIP voice servers where the community gets on higher performance voice servers only Discord partners can use. Benefits for Pokket- welcome new members to the server with custom splash art of your choosing and a personal link, rock a dope-ass hoodie, and Discord Nitro. Thank you everyone that has joined the Discord and has been super active. It really means the world to Pokket. Discord is like her second home. She gets to talk to you guys from day in and day out. There are amazing conversations and memes that go on in Discord. She uses the Discord to talk about games, if people are looking for a group, venting to make you feel better, and a promo zone. Not only does Pokket want to succeed with stream, but also want to help others hit their goals.


Pokket has a new store where you can spend or redeem using your ninjastars you collect in Twitch Stream. There are many ways to receive ninjastars in chat. For example, you will get 1 Ninjastar every 5 minuets, the more you talk the more you get, following, subbing, and donating are ways to receive the ninjastars. To redeem things you have to be in stream while pokket is online. When she is online you will see the Ninja Hi Emote on the bottom left of the stream. If you are on mobile you will see the puzzle piece next to the chat. Once you click on it there will be other options to play mini games, redeem ninjastars, and send alerts on stream. Every week there will be something different where you can redeem. Things you can redeem on stream are silly things like, have Pokket wear Dino costume, voice changer, free game keys, free twitch sub, weapons/Warframe blueprints, and many more. Check it out for yourself. If you have any other ideas that you would like to add let Pokket or one of the mods know.

There are lil mini games you can play that is on the overlay of Pokket's stream. Scratchers is a game where you pick 6 boxes, and hope at least one of them contains the correct key. Pick-a-Card lets you pick one winner of five cards. Throughout the stream there will be a random chest that pops up that you click on. If you are quick enough to click on it you will receive more ninjastars!


Pokket is having a clan logo contest for Warframe. She is looking for someone to make her a Clan logo and the winner will receive 175 Platinum. The file will need to be 128x128. If you are wanting to make something for her, post the art in the #warframe channel in discord and @pokketninja so she will see it. Her colors are blue and purple and if there was a way to possibly incorporate the stalker glyph that would be awesome. Maybe even upside down :) Good luck Tenno may your art be chosen by the Senpai.

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