Ninja News #21

It's Sunday and even though this was written the same day as it was posted, this is still some important news! Stream changes, stream things, and other stream-related stuff. Surprisingly everything is about the stream, how weird. Thanks for the support you door knobs, and we mean this lovingly. You guys coming to stream, watching them, and being so interactive is really great. You guys make our day and so we're trying to give back the best ways we can. From plat giveaways to Anti ASMR, we will try our best to show you some support back! Important announcement to throw in here, we are still doing the clan logo contest. Make a clan logo, post it in Discord, and if Pokket uses it you get 175 plat. Sounds good, right? Sweet, so do it, if you want.


PokketNinja will be going to Twitchcon this year, it's also her first time, so make sure to find her and say hey! Twitchcon will be starting next week, which also means schedule changing. Pokket usually does stream every single day, sometimes early if she feels like it. She's off on Sundays and then maybe once a while with, lots of convincing, Pokket will take a break. Pokket will be at Twitchcon from Thursday to Friday and there's a possibility of no streams. She might not have time and she does need to spend some time meeting all of you and a bunch of streamers. Did we mention that she will be at the Discord partner party, too? If not, now you know! Pokket is now a Discord partner, hopefully Twitch can get the hint that we need tons of Husky emotes now.


Pokket will be doing a Halloween IRL stream on Wednesday! This means a lot of spooks and a whole lot of Halloween music that will never be overplayed. Remember everyone stay safe on Halloween and eat tons of candy, you've earned it. Also, six bits will get a jump-scare alert if you're ever feeling like spooking anyone. It also helps Pokket too, so you better do it! PSA: Don't feel obligated to ever donate or give bits, it's just a nice thing to do. We just greatly encourage helping out the stream get better, even if it's not through monetary ways. Thank you for everything!


Pokket will be dressing up as Donald Duck still for the subscriber goal! It will be coming soon don't worry, and also get ready for how amazing the costume is going to be. Pokket finally gets to be the duck she was born to be, so inspiring. Remember guys to take as many clips as you can for the clip contest. You get ninjastars for your clip if yours happens to be the Twitch top clip, so get on that! We're going to be starting that again now, since we fell off of that. That is all the extra's for Ninja News, next one will probably be out Sunday depending on how lazy we are to write! Anyways, have a good night, morning, or whatever time it is for you. I don't even know at this point.

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