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Hello everyone, it's not Sunday, but it is Saturday, so close enough! I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend and that you have the Christmas spirit already! Even though it just turned December today, there's no such thing as 'too early'! One thing before we get on with the news, we're sorry for not updating as much as we should. We promised to have a Ninja News out once a week, every Sunday. That's what we've been doing for months and then we began to fall off. There wasn't enough time in order to write the news up and a lot of tings have crowded our lives. Work, school, moderating streams, and basically our lives got in the way of doing Ninja News and keeping the website running. Even though we care greatly about this website, we also have to take care of ourselves and our other responsibilities too. Even though we have other moderators, the main person who has been taking care of the website has been Cyan (Yeah it's just me writing in third person, how surprising), not everyone has time for this either. Therefore, Ninja News is not going to be scheduled any longer until we have the time for it. So, after this long rant of how Ninja News isn't really a Sunday thing anymore, let's get on with the actual news! Thanks for the support and we hope to continue making you all happy and laugh, like we should be doing.


PokketNinja has been a part-time streamer for a long time, she hasn't ever been a full-time streamer during her career. Although, that's going to change. The beginning of 2019, January, will be the starting month of full-time streaming. Not going into full reasons of why, but it's a good change. After all, this is a chance for Pokket to be able to do what she loves the most and hang out with you all. One good thing also, is that we're going to have two set streaming times now — more people can come to the streams now, as it's not just going to be late night streams. The new schedule, starting January, will be Tuesday through Saturday. The times will be one to four and seven to twelve. Now we have two days off, because Pokket needs a break from streaming, playing games all the time can be tiring. Nothing will be that different, we're still pushing for partner and we're still having fun. Just new schedule, and now we're going full-time boys!


We care a lot about you guys and this is just a reminder that you make sure you take breaks, drink water, and also try and surround yourselves with a lot of good vibes and happiness. It's very important for you to take care of yourself and give yourself love, another good way to do that is surround yourself with people who care about you. The holidays are coming up and whether you celebrate them or not, make sure to spend a bit of quality time with family. Not just blood family, but maybe close friends that are like family to you. We hope you all are having a good month and remember in Discord we do have a Venting channel now, which has been around for a bit. You can talk about any of your problems, if you're comfortable, and just rant about how you feel. The community is sure to help and support you, as well us us, the moderators. Whether we know you closely or not, we do care about you all, so just remember that. We love to make you guys happy as you guys make us happy too.

This is our Discord server if you'd like to join, is our new link, as we have been partnered. So, now inviting people isn't as hard anymore!


Have you known Pokket for a while and enjoy her community? Have you ever wanted to get the experience of being a moderator? Do you want to take a larger part in a nice community? If you answered yes, or any other response, to these questions — apply to be a day or night moderator! We're currently looking for moderators, as when Pokket starts her full-time streaming journey in January, we'll need a lot of hands on deck. If you have time to moderate around then, apply! We need as much help as we can get! If you have never moderated before, remember we are willing to help you learn. We'll teach all the new moderators the ropes of the community, see how it goes, and you can become a permanent moderator! The link below is where you can apply, Pokket and the moderator team will be looking all applications over, so apply and you might be apart of this team!

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