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Twitch Goals

Monthly Cosplays

Every month I will choose a cosplay to wear during stream if we hit a certain goal each month. I love to do cosplays on stream and show you guys how much fun we can have. This month's goal is $300 for Resident Evil 2 Remake: Claire. You can donate here if you would like to help Pokket reach her goal for cosplays --->

Daily Bit Goals

If we hit our Daily Bit goal, we will spin the wheel to do a giveaway for Pokket Merch or Steam Games. You could possibly win a T-shirt, Hoodie, Tank Tops, Mug, Stickers, or Art Prints.

Merch Store --->

Here is the list of games you can choose from if you win --->

New Facemask/Fillter

Have you ever wanted to put a funny filter on someone while they were streaming during a certain time? Now you can in Pokket's Stream! All you have to do is donate and choose your filter then it will pop up on screen for 30 seconds. Donate to put a funny facemask/filter on Pokket here

Warframe 75 Plat Switch Giveaway

I will be doing Giveaways all day today, so stay tuned! Enter to win 75 Plat for the Switch in Discord. All you need to do is join the Discord and react to the giveaway post. Goodluck!



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