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Memekket Twitter

Have you ever saw Pokket make a funny face & wanted to make it into a meme? Well now is your chance! You can post the memes you make in the Discord #meme-of-pokket channel & on Twitter using the #memekket. If we use your memes you will get 500 ninjastars that you can use in the store on Pokket's channel which is here store

Discord Boost

If you are apart of my Discord and have Discord Nitro, You can put the channel to get awesome perks for everyone! Also get a shiny badge next to your name in Discord. You can check here to see all the perks we will receive: click here

Operation Helpkket

If you would like help in Warframe of just want to play with Pokket in game, You can sign up for this month. Spots that are still open June 12,19, & 26th. You can sign up here

Minecraft Server

We now have a Minecraft server if you would like to join. There is a 24 person spot for the server. Thank Antilitist for offering to have anyone join the server. Info to join the server is in the Discord #minecraft channel.

Rules to join

-Don't Destroy other people's bases

-No Trolling/stealing other people's stuff

-Must be part of the Community

-Have Fun

Community Night

I want to have a community night every week either on Monday or Tuesday. What we would do is watch a movie, anime, or play a game! At the end of each week I will let you know what we will do!



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