Ninja News

It's December! Have you started decorating for Christmas? Are you in the HOliday spirit? Thank you guys for all the support last month

Here is the list of Top Ninjas for November:

Gifted subs:

1st- Caylor29

2nd- Warmaster236

3rd: solo_feed_only


1st- Cups

2nd - DatTacoGuy

3rd - Darwin50


1st - Dragonman83

2nd - Darwin50

3rd - Killersquirl

You guys will receive a VIP badge, ninjastars, and a free Sloots chest. Which collection would you like? You can now start redeeming the Christmas Streamloots cards today! This month I won't be putting up ninjastars, but lil Christmas trees for all subs. Sub today to get a Xmas tree added to my wall.

7 Days to Die

The 7 Days to Die Server password will be reset today. The password will be in the server channel in Discord.

December Patreon Rewards

This month I will be cosplaying as my Christmas Elf! You can pledge for just $1 to receive behind the scenes!



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