Ninja News #4

Hello everyone, so a bunch of exciting things have been happening over the few days, as well as the future days as well! There's new games being played but also a fun contest for Subscribers that's going to be really awesome! We're really wanting the community to grow and over the few days it has been! Which is awesome and we can't wait to have some awesome times with you all. I'd like to remind you guys we're still growing as a community and Pokket is as a streamer, we want to be able to make sure you guys are in a safe and fun place to be! So, please help us by telling us what we should do as a community as well as what we're doing right! That'll help us become an even better place to be! Thanks so much for the support and we appreciate everything you've done for us.

The Twitch Community:

We know that most of our friends in the community are very talented! There are a lot of streamers out there who need to be shown love and that may be you! If you're a streamer, gamer or not, join the PokketProtektors! It's another way for you to support Pokket and friends, but also get support on your own stream as well! Click the link down below so you can see who's streaming that is apart of the PokketProtektors, but also follow so you can see when our fellow Protektors are doing something fun!

If you'd like to join our community and be apart of the extra fun times, here's a small guide! First, go to your stream dashboard and scroll to the section labeled 'community'. You can have up to three communities, so remember that! Type in the name of our community, which is 'PokketProtektors' and then update your information! That's how you can join our community on Twitch, and we really hope you'll have fun it (If you don't have fun we shall make sure you do).

New Quests:

We are super excited about this! Two new Free Tip/Quest Mode deals! First one is purchasing Subnautica! This is a game where you can explore the dark depths of the unknown all the while building your very own base! Then we have a rotating deal of the day courtesy of In addition to these exciting new offers we are also holding contests paying out over $2000 in total! Check out our new Domination's speed-run contests, and we are bringing back the WWE and Walking dead contests as well! Now that's a lot of giveaway but we wanted to take it a little further. The channel with the most quest tokens at the end of each week for the next two weeks and the channel that made the most that week get two free copies of Subnautica! You can check all these great offers out on the 'Free Tips' page! Remember, that quests are an awesome way to support Pokket when you don't have money to purchase a sub or donate, most quests don't involve you to purchase anything and are a hundred percent free!

Warframe Update & Joining Pokket:

There has been a huge Warframe update, which is super awesome! For those who have come to Pokket stream and was wondering if she was going to play Warframe, something exciting happens! God of War came out and she decided to play that instead! Yes, we all did miss the Warframe hype but don't worry! Next week, she'll be going on a hard Warframe grind! For those who don't have Warframe, check it out! Pokket has been enjoying it and has been partnered by them! It's a free game and I promise you'll love it (Even though Cyan can't play she plays in spirit!)

Though there's something even bigger! We are recruiting Space Ninjas! So if you click the link below, you can be a real Space Ninja!

7 Days to Die Contest:

This is bringing it back to the olden days, where Pokket played 7Days non-stop! Since there hasn't been much going on dealing with the server, we decided to do something extra fun! A contest! This is going to be a building contest that will be in Vanilla and will also be in creative mode. This contest will star May 4th and you'll have around two weeks to build! You're probably wondering what you're going to be building exactly? Well for your information, a skyscraper! This contest will be taking place on the sub server, so if you'd like to join this contest subscribe to Pokket! This is another perk that comes with subscribing and also it supports Pokket's stream greatly! More information will come out the closer it comes to the official start date! Pokket and friends can't wait to see all of your amazing builds!

God of War:

This game recently came out which is super awesome! Pokket has been playing it and is so far enjoying it. If you don't believe me, here is an amazing interview with PokketNinja on the game!

"Pokket, how do you like God of War, so far?"

"I don't know what to really say other than that I love the game. It's fun! I enjoy the puzzles and the combat system. I feel like a bad-ass when I play God of War. Being able to upgrade and level up is a great system. The enemies get harder and harder as the game goes on. I like the commentary with Kratos and Atreus as well. Throwing the axe right at enemies is my favorite part of the game and it's combat!"

Now if that doesn't help hype of this game, I don't even know what will! Pokket is playing this game on normal difficulty and is using PS4 as her platform! So get ready for the fun GoW streams that will be continuing for sure!

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