Ninja News #5

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day and everything is going up to plan! There's a lot of exciting and fun things going to be happening sooner or later in the community! They're of course going to benefit you and Pokket, but also there's going to be something really major happening. Pokket has been planning this for quite a while now and soon it's going to be happening! Which is super exciting for us and hopefully to you all as well. The community is growing and we've met a lot of nice people along the way. We'd like to thank you for the continuous support and we'll return the favor as well. This wouldn't be anything without you guys, whether it sounds cliche or not. So let's get started!

April Giveaway:

The April giveaway is going to be coming to an end quite soon, so hop on that hype train before it ends! You're probably asking what do you get from this giveaway, right? Well, don't worry it's something really neat! By entering the giveaway and if you win, you'll receive a PokketNinja mug. Just for your information if you win, the mugs aren't really safe in dish washers. This is from past experience and I promise this message is very valuable to the life span of the Pokket on the mug. Now, if this is interesting you strongly right now (I promise you it should) you'll need to know how to enter exactly. Well, we've got you covered in that regard as well! By clicking the link and doing the tasks it requests you'll be entered as many times as you get from actually entering. If you've already done that task like subscribing to Pokket on Twitch you still can click and see that you're subscribed! You should really hurry and enter before this giveaway is over, as there a giveaway once a month! 

Bob Mob Twitch Extension:

Would you like to help Pokket in a way that's both fun and supportive? Well, now there's a really cool Twitch extension called Bob Mob. Now you probably are wondering what the heck a 'Bob Mob' is? Well, Twitch added fun extensions that have fun games and are a way to give the streamer with the extension bits. So far, the whole chat and Pokket has been really enjoying using Bob Mob! So, now you're also probably wondering what is in it for you? If you'd like to have a character you can create and customize yourself do really neat things on stream for everyone to see, then Bob Mob is amazing! Most likely, if you come by Pokket's stream you'll see a couple Bob Mob's popping up here and there. Though you'll have to allow the extension to be seen on your Twitch and things like that. Though I promise you it's worth it. Even if you don't have bits, you can play up to ten games a day! These simple games like 'Rock, paper, scissors!' or 'Cut the wire' will earn you chests. These chests will give you fun emotes to use that will display on the stream itself and outfits (There's ranks for each of these clothing items like legendary or epic!) So if you'd like to join on a fun and very interactive game hop over to Pokket's stream! She streams everyday except when she doesn't show up for some odd reason and Sundays. We'll promise to show you a fun time, especially with Bob Mobs. The link below is to the extension so you can check it out yourself and possibly use it for your own stream! 

7 Days to Die Contest:

I know it's been a long time since we've been playing 7 Days to Die but it's mostly because there's so many others games that need our love! So, because of the lack of zombie love in the community, we decided to do a contest. Now, you're probably wondering what type of contest we're talking about. Though don't worry now this contest is fully though out and not super hard! If you love building and have a part of your heart saved for skyscrapers, this contest is for you! Of course, to every contest there's going to be rules needed to be followed. They're basic rules and not that hard to conform to as we don't ask much for you guys. Don't steal other players ideas, don't sabotage other builds, and build while having fun! These are the only things you'll have to listen to and from there the sky is the limit! There's no height limit to this build and you know what that means? You can build as high as you'd like! These builds of course have to be skyscrapers and creative as possible. This contest will start on May 5th and you will have at least three weeks in order to build. Of course, you'll be building in creative mode on a vanilla sub server. That's right, this contest is going to be subscriber owner! So if you'd like to subscribe you'll be able to participate in this really neat contest! Now, I get it how is this suppose to entice you? Well there's going to be two winners, one chosen by the mods of the PokketProtektors and the second winner will be chosen by Twitch chat. Those two winners will be receiving an amazing prize of course, a twenty dollar gift card! So, are you in or what?

PokketProtektor Charity Event:

As a community we love giving back and showing to support to others that support others as well. We love helping others and that's a good moral to have! Animals have been a huge part of our community but in everybody's daily life. Pokket herself has three adorable fluffy Huskies and many of our mods have furry friends. Though besides that many of our community friends have pets as well! Even if you don't have a pet that will never mean a couple puppy pictures won't make you topple over in awe. So Pokket decided to do a charity stream to support a local Humane society. If you don't know what a Humane society is exactly, it's basically like an animal shelter and helps get animals homes. Usually these societies care for more than 23,000 animals in need of help and a home every year. So PokketNinja wanted to support a local Humane society in, her corn-filled home, Nebraska. She'll be raising money and will be donating it to them so they can go save more lives! Many animals aren't lucky to be in warm homes like most pets and we should try and help them! If you're ever looking for a pet, check out animal shelters and Humane societies near you! Though they might not always be full-blooded dogs, usually mix breed dogs live longer! These pets also weren't lucky enough to be bred into a warm home and probably ended up roaming the streets until they were found. Even if you can't donate, show up and give some support to all those animals that need some loving! We can't wait to see you there! Also, if you'd like to join our team on Tiltify check out this link, remember to make yourself an account and you can join the PokketProtektors journey in saving all the animals in the world!

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