Ninja News #8

Everyone, it's that time again for another Ninja News! Last week you probably noticed a new series that went up on Saturday, which we named Wowie. Wowie isn't going to be a frequent series, but whenever we'd like to talk about a game that'll be extra information. So keep your eye out on Wowie, as it'll be going out usually on a random Saturday. Last week it was about both the Warframe update and Kingdom Hearts 3! So, go ahead and check out Wowie 1 & 2 which were released. Though, now it's time for some pretty neat news! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day or night and lets get right into the news!

Upcoming Charity:

The PokketProtektors love giving back and we wanted to support a cause that means a lot to us. Most of the Protektors have pets, furry or not, who are apart of their family. PokketNinja has three furry Husky babies herself! So in order to support all the animals in need, we decided to help support a local Nebraska Humane Society. We'll be doing a charity stream to raise money for them so they can continue saving animals and giving them loving homes. Not all animals are lucky enough to be born in a loving family, but they help make sure strays or animals with bad homes find a loving one! So, on the 9th of June we'll be doing a 12 hour stream to raise money for them! If you're able, drop by to help support, donate, and join in on the fun! There will be giveaways, fun incentives, and a bunch of variety gaming to enjoy! Even if you can't come, tell all the people you know to stop by to help support PokketNinja and the Protektors journey to raising a bunch of money for the pets! Remember, you can always join our Tiltify! Just sign up for an account and you'll be able to join the PokketProtektors just like that. If you have any problems, just contact a mod or someone in Discord to figure out your problem. Us mods will make sure you get the help you need, but the community can help you as well!

Also there's another link below that will let you be able to donate if you'd like. You're not forced to, it's just a really generous thing to do! This isn't a way to make you more special, it just helps out all the pets! Which is all we want from this charity stream!


The month is nearly over, so you know what that means, PokketPets! PokketPets is a monthly pet spotlight that we use to send love to pets of the community. May's PokketPet was Samson, who is Jdub's furry buddy! Though, our June PokketPet is coming up very soon. If you'd like your pet to be able to get some love, go into our Discord! There is a pet channel where you can post your entry for PokketPets. All you have to do is post a picture, #PokketPets, and the story of your pets origin and about themselves! Once you do that, then your pet has a chance of being the next PokketPet! So, start putting in your entries everyone and get ready to love on some amazing PokketProtektor pets! We all know that pets are a huge part of our lives and they deserve some extra love and support for being around.

7 Days to Die Contest:

There has been a skyscraper building contest in 7 Days to Die for a while now! We have moved the judging day to June 8th, since our builders need more time! If you'd like to be a late entry, go ahead and hop on our Subscriber server. This is one of the many perks you can receive if you decide to subscribe to PokketNinja on Twitch! It's also a great way of supporting us, so go ahead and do it! For those deciding to join the contest, remember the basic rules! No sabotage in any way, don't steal ideas, and be creative! Remember, there is also no height limits and it has to be a skyscraper. Otherwise your build won't count in the contest - which sucks. If you're not going to build, you can vote! By hopping into stream during judgment day you can chose the build you'd want to see win. So, head into Pokket's stream when she's live and you could possibly get sneak peaks of skyscraper builds here and there! The winners of this contest, which will be two, will receive a twenty dollar gift card! Now, go and build some amazing things everyone and we'll judge your amazing builds on June 8th.

May Giveaway:

The May giveaway is coming to an end very soon, but you still have a chance to enter. This is a subscriber only giveaway that occurs once every month, which is a perk! Clicking the link below will send you to a place where all the magic happens! Also known as, entering the giveaway. By completing the tasks, you get a certain number of entries. The more entries you have, you have a bigger chance of winning too. This months giveaway is a game key for Outlast 2. This game will be for PC as well! So, go ahead an enter so you can get yourself a free game subscribers! Also, if you'd like to, subscribe to PokketNinja on Twitch so you can join in on giveaways. They're not always game keys but sometimes they're merch and other really neat things. So, go ahead and get ready for a super cool prize!

E3 Hype:

E3 is going to be coming very soon! If you don't know what E3 is exactly, it's an event where video games and other gaming related things are show-cased. Sometimes, you even get release dates to upcoming games and conferences with amazing game developers! E3 will be on June 11th and Pokket will be streaming it as well! We'll possibly be streaming it all day! There's another twelve hour you can look forward too. Though there's going to be a Sony conference and possibly Kingdom Hearts 3 release date will be revealed! Kingdom Hearts is a game we greatly appreciate and most of the PokketProtektors fan over it. if you'd like to talk about games or anything for that matter, join our Discord. You can speak to Pokket and friends in there as well. I'm sorry we keep shoving this down your throat but, we greatly appreciate your support. It's amazing to see such a amazing and continuously growing community like this. Getting this far is such an amazing thing and I hope you can come along for this journey. Those who came by for a while, we still thank them because they supported us for the time they were here. So, thank you all! If you like sappy stuff like that, then Kingdom Hearts is possibly a game for you. It's a really good game and we're probably going to shove that down your throats as well.

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