Ninja News #9

Welcome Back Ninjas! Another fun filled week with Pokket Protektors. Streams for Pokket have been really good and to give back she is doing something special for you. We will be giving away two $20 gift cards and many challenges for the charity stream. I hope everyone is having a fantastic day, and we're sorry for being so late. This will make up for the missing Ninja News on Sunday. I'm sorry everyone, a real meaty Ninja News will be out this Sunday. Maybe even a Wowie will be coming out this Saturday - but who knows!

7 Days to Die Contest:

The building contest is coming to an end here on June 8th. So many builders have made their amazing skyscraper builds and worked hard. The judging will start Friday. There will be two types of judging...YOU AS THE VIEWERS will get to vote on your favorite skyscraper. Then the Mods and Pokket will vote for their favorite. The two winners will receive $20 gift card! There is so much creativity in the air you don't want to miss this stream.

12 Hour Charity EVENT

Stream: 1pm to 1am

Front Page: 11pm to 1am

The charity stream is coming up real soon, and what we mean by soon is this weekend! The charity stream is going to help out a local humane society in Nebraska and we're really excited to help out all the pets. Many pets don't have good homes, even though we'd like to adopt all the pets in the world we really can't, so this is our chance to support them. By donating money to Pokket Ninja during the charity stream that money will be given away to the humane society so they can help support their pets in need of homes. Even if you can't donate, whether you spent all your money on ramen or pizza, still come to support us. You can shout out the stream and come join in the fun! That's a great way of helping the pets, even if you're not able to actually give money. There's going to be really fun incentives and giveaways for money goals that are reached as well! Plat giveaways, video game giveaways, and Pokket Ninja covered in broken egg shells. Which is what we're really excited for! So, remember everyone to join in on the charity stream which will be happening this Saturday.


1pm to 4pm: Killing Floor 2

4pm to 7pm: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 with $5 donation rewards spin wheel(choose character, choose level, choose difficulty, choose weapon, no healing, can't heal teammates, can't use specials, melee only, ranged only)

7pm to 1am: Warframe with $5 donation rewards spin wheel(choose frame, choose weapon, choose mission, random generator, swap view, no abilities, primary weapon only, secondary only, melee only, archwing mission, auto mod, no mods)

Look at all those incentives:

$5 name on shirt

$10 voice changer for 5 min

$20 Egg Roulette

75 Plat Giveaway every hour, 9 codes.

Deluxe Skin Giveaway every $250 donated

$5: Create a chat command

$20: T-Shirt giveaway

$50: Random Game Key giveaway

$75: Bean Boozle

$100: Random Game Key giveaway

$125: Eat MRE

$150: Random Game Key giveaway & Bean Boozle

$200: Random Game Key giveaway $225: Bean Boozle

$250: Wear fake beard for 30 minutes

$300: Blindfold challenge

$350: Wear dino jammies for 30 minutes

$375: Random Game Key giveaway

$400: Random Game Key giveaway

$450: Bean Boozle $500: SD does makeup

$550: Random Game Key giveaway

$600: Random Game Key giveaway

$650: Plat giveaway

$700: Plat giveaway & Baby food challenge

$750: Pie in the face

$800: Glyph giveaway

$850: Bean Boozle

$900: $100 ITAM gift card

$950: Glyph giveaway

$1000: Do SD's makeup



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