Patreon & Cosplays

I started Cosplay a couple months ago to wear on stream. I dress up with all kinds of awesome funny characters. Now is the time I show it off with some professional photography. Every month I set a goal for a cosplay, but what will be different is I have a Patreon! You can pledge to different Tiers for rewards of my monthly cosplay. You can check out my Patreon here ----->

Lurker Tier

$1 or more per month

Thank you so much for the support <3

 •Vote for next month's cosplay & Meme

 • Access to any updates

 • Selfies of Monthly Cosplay

 • Discord rewards

Includes Discord rewards

Ninja Tier

$5 or more per month

 •Access to all above Tiers

 •Access to Patreon Feed

 • Preview of edited photos before hits social media

Includes Discord rewards

Print Set Tier

$10 or more per month

 • Access to previous Tiers

 • Monthly 4x6 Print Set  

Includes Discord rewards

Meme Tier

$15 or more per month

 • Access to above Tiers

 • Monthly Meme Sticker

Includes Discord rewards

Signed Print Tier

$25 or more per month

 • Access to Previous Tiers

 • 8x10 Signed Print

Includes Discord rewards

Polaroid Tier

$50 or more per month

 •  Access to previous Tiers

 •  Monthly Signed Polaroids

Includes Discord rewards

Hot Pokket Tier

$100 or more per month

 • Access to ALL Tiers

 • Signed 11x14 print

 • Monthly Puzzle

 • Yearly Calendar

Includes Discord rewards

I also added a tab on the website where you can see my cosplays. Once I start getting pictures taken I will add where you can buy individual prints on my cosplays also. I am super excited about this ^-^



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