Pokket pets!

Animals have been a huge part of the community, since Pokket herself has three furry Husky babies. Although, you may have pets too! Which is why we decided to showcase your adorable fur babies! Starting April First (I know, it's both April Fools day as well as Easter Sunday) we'll send amazing emails showcasing a picture of your pet, as well as their story. Every pet has a story and it's now your time to tell them all!

You're probably wondering how you can get these emails of your pets, as well as others now?

Well, if you scroll all the way down on the Homepage you'll see a small box. If you add all the information to that box you can get mail listings, special emails, and other really neat gifts from Pokket! Subscribing does not cost money at all and is absolutely free. Subscribing just helps you as viewers to know what's happening in the community and gets fun things sent to your Email. You're also probably wondering now how can you get your pets apart of this? Don't worry, it actually doesn't take much! If you're not apart of our Discord Server, join us now!

After you've joined the Discord, you'll see a bunch of nice channels. Yes, they're pretty neat but those we're not looking for (You can check them out afterwords) Scroll down, until you see a channel that is named "PokketProtektor-Pets" (It's located under a category called "Pics/Clips"). Now that you've found the channel, post a picture of your furry or non-furry pet (No discrimination on what type of pet it is) and their story. It doesn't matter how long you've worded the story, as long as your family member's story is told! The mods of the Discord will pin your pet's story to the channel, that way we can scroll through and chose a pet to be showcased.

Now that you know how to do so, why not go ahead! Your pet might be the next to be seen on the special once a month Pokket pet appreciation!

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