The Clipping Reward System

Clipping is a fun way of keeping memories of the most funniest things that happen during stream, and is just a short and sweet video that capture the best parts of a stream.

Pokket (PokketNinja) is currently having a huge contest for clips of her stream! What do you have to do exactly you may ask? Well, all you need to clip a funny moment or just an amazing moment in general and post it in her Discord! Yes, she has a Discord. If you'd like to join the Discord here's a quick invite link right here:

Now, you're probably wondering what you'd get out of sending Pokket a bunch of clips to her. Don't worry about it, there's actually two prizes! The first prize is 100 Ninjastars, which is Pokket's Twitch currency. With Ninjastars you can gamble with them, use fund commands, request music, and some other cool stuff. Plus, it makes you more rich and that's fun too! The second prize is 1000 Ninjastars, which is awarded to the person who's clip was voted to be the best one out of all of them. These clips will be going into a compilation video and possibly very often depending on the amount of clips that are collected!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and clip some funny moments in stream! Well, not now, but whenever she does stream!

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