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You're probably wondering what's going on in Warframe and many other games Pokket plays and is a fan of! So, starting now is a small series to talk about various games and to love on them. Of course, we have to start out with our beloved Warframe update! This series won't occur as often as NinjaNews, but will be around every once in a while. Enjoy it while it lasts! For those who don't know what Warframe is though, it's a fun game that's on many consoles, like XBox and can be found on PC as well. It's a free to play game, cooperative, and a first-person shooter.

Sayrn Armor Change:

Sayrn's abilities have been updated, the developers wanted her abilities to flow and synergize more naturally. Sayrn's base armor has increased from an 175 to a 225. Which is at rank thirty. Sayrn Prime armor went from a 225 all the way to a 300, which is at rank thirty as well. The developers wanted her under-used abilities to be able to flow with the rest of her set. This is just a basic general change to her and mostly the level of her armor as well. Which, most of us, are pretty happy about!


They now have infinite duration and escalating damage, so the duration of the Spore is mostly determined from the enemies it effects. If the enemies die from the spore, this will cause them to spread. So as long as you keep making sure they keep giving damage and murdering your greatest enemies, they'll increase in damage! Which is awesome, right? Their damage type is now Corrosive Damage instead of Viral Damage as well. Now, it's time for you to go and kill those enemies guys!

Toxic Lash:

These are one of the abilities that the developers felt was underutilized. So they decided to make it even more playable and compatible! Toxic Lash will now be applied with Primary and Secondary weapons, but guess what, there's more! Now, Toxic Lash can even be applied with melee weapons! Which is amazing, since most people prefer melee anyways. The duration of Toxic Lash has been increased to 45 seconds and weapons will now trigger the Toxin damage to enemies that are near it. Get prepared for this Toxic Love enemies!

There is, of course, way more things to this amazing update! So if you'd like to read more about this update, check out the link below. Remember, this game is free so try it out! It's on Windows, PlayStation 4, PC, XBox 1. So, go ahead and check out this really fun game! The whole community has been really enjoying it and remember there is a Glyph now! So, far all of you hardcore Warframe fans out there, check out the Glyph page on the website. It will give you the basic instructions to get your very own PokketNinja glyph! You'll basically be apart of the cool kids then. So, go check out Warframe everyone and you'll be promised a very fun time!

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